Network Information:
The hosting networks we use are located in Professional Datacentres in both New Zealand and the USA. Where a particular hosting plan is hosted, is dependent on which hosting plan it is.

All server networks utilise some of the most up to date server technologies available in the world. These servers are suitable for most types and sizes of websites, from high traffic database driven and e-commerce websites, through to simple one page brochure sites. All servers we use are stored in modern, air conditioned and secure data centres. There are multiple levels of security required to access the premises, and the servers are connected to a full UPS system with backup generators. Below are details of the two main datacentres that we use, and the hosting plans that are hosted on them.


» New Zealand Located Website Hosting hosted at the Albany Datacentre in Auckland

Both our Corporate Hosting Plan and our Business Class Hosting Plan, are hosted on a server network at the Albany Datacentre in Auckland, New Zealand. The datacentre is owned by large Auckland-based ISP Maxnet.

As the service is so critical to businesses, our providers have invested tens of thousands of dollars in the network ensuring not only maximum capacity, but also that everything on the linux server network is doubled up to provide redundancy. This means that in the event of a hardware failure, another system waiting idly can pick up service in seconds, reducing any potential interruption. This redundancy for web hosting is also planned to be added to the Windows servers in the future.

Our providers are constantly reviewing hardware and replacing outdated systems where necessary, as well as continuing to build on the hosting network to increase capacity and redundancy.

» Servers & Connectivity

Server network comprising of over 1,000 servers.
Linux hosting cluster.
2 x 155mb fibre through Telecom and TelstraClear.
1 x Gbps fibre circuit through Vector Communications.
Peering through Auckland APE and WIX exchanges.

» Power & Cooling

Raised floor for individual cabinet airflow.
Industrial air conditioning.
Multiple UPS (uninterrupted power supply) batteries.
Multiple incoming power feeds.
Auto-start diesel generator.

» Security & Protection

Access by swipe card only.
24-hour alarmed and monitored.
CCTV monitoring of facility.
Securely locked server cabinets.
Early-warning smoke detection system.
Concrete floors, walls and ceilings.
Daily file server back-ups with 14 day archive.

Our other NZ located hosting plans are hosted in the Avalon TVNZ datacentre in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Further Information on this network is not available.

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» USA Based Website Hosting

Our cPanel Web Hosting Plans plans, which include our Small Web, Power Web, Premium Web, Extreme Web, and Ultimate Web plans, are all hosted in a World-Class Datacentre, in the USA. All of these hosting plans are hosted on Intel Dual Xeon or Dual Core Dual Opteron Servers or similar, with RAID harddrives.

One Wilshire Datacentre - Los Angeles:

The Los Angeles datacentre facility, has multiple gigabit connections to upstream providers, to ensure solid network stability and capacity.

IP transit is from from 2 cisco 12008 GSR's which are connected via multiple gigabit fiber uplinks to the distribution switches (2 cisco 2948G-L3's). Each cabinet is prewired and connected to the main distribution cabinet so it's plug and play. Each cabinet has it's own switch, we prefer a layer 2 switch in each cabinet. All of our servers are hooked up to APC remote reboot ports in the event that they lockup for any reason.

The network has transit from Level 3 and ATT(Mzima), Savvis, and Global Crossing. That means that there are 4 Tier 1 bandwidth providers. This is a premium, exclusive network that gives all of our hosting clients on the USA network, a major advantage over other USA hosted servers, regardless of geographic regions. Very few hosting providers are able to provide this level of network connectivity and bandwidth providers.

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