Softaculous Premium - Free Online Software:

Softaculous Premium integrates with cPanel™ and gives users the ability to automatically install some of the best Open Source Applications directly into your hosting space with just a few clicks!
Now even website beginners can take full advantage of powerful open source software.

Softaculous Premium is only available to users on our cPanel web hosting plans that use the cPanel™ Control Panel.


» Softaculous Premium allows you to automatically install the following features with your website:
E - Commerce (Online Shopping)
- OS Commerce [website]
- Zen Cart [website]
- Cube Cart [website]

Most of these online shops support the following payment gateways: DPS (Direct Payment Solutions -, WorldPay,, Paypal, plus many others. Please check the developers website for more details on what gateways they support.

- b2evolution [website]
- Nucleus [website]
- pMachine Free [website]
- WordPress [website]

Other Scripts
- Dew-NewPHPLinks [website]
- Moodle [website]
- Noahs Classifieds [website]
- Open-Realty [website]
- phpAdsNew [website]
- PHPauction [website]
- phpCOIN [website]
- phpFormGenerator [website]
- WebCalendar [website]

Image Galleries
- 4Images Gallery [website]
- Coppermine Photo Gallery [website]
- Gallery [website]

Mailing Lists
- PHPlist [website]

Polls and Surveys
- Advanced Poll [website]
- phpESP [website]
- PHPSurveyor [website]

- TikiWiki [website]
- PhpWiki [website]

fantasticoContent Management Systems (CMS)
- Drupal [website]
- Geeklog [website]
- Joomla [website]
- Mambo Open Source [website]
- PHP-Nuke [website]
- phpWCMS [website]
- phpWebSite [website]
- Post-Nuke [website]
- Siteframe [website]
- Typo3 [website]
- Xoops [website]

Site Builders
- SohoTemplates Express [website]

Discussion Boards and Forums
- phpBB2 [website]
- SMF [website]

Online Customer Relationship tools
- Crafty Syntax Live Help [website]
- Help Center Live [website]
- osTicket [website]
- PHP Support Tickets [website]
- Support Logic Helpdesk [website]
- Support Services Manager [website]

- FAQMasterFlex [website]

- ViPER Guestbook [website]

Project Management
- dotProject [website]
- PHProjekt [website]

Softaculous Premium Web Console Screenshot

Notes about Softaculous Premium:

  • Softaculous Premium is available FREE to clients on our cPanel web hosting plans that use the cPanel™ Control Panel.

  • Softaculous Premium is NOT available on our UN-METERED / Corporate Web Plan or any of our other NZ hosted web plans, as they use a different Control Panel. If you are joining our Corporate Web Plan, you can install the software that is included in Softaculous Premium, by clicking on the [website] link located alongside the software title above, which will take you directly to the developers website. You can then download the software directly from the developers website, and install the software into your hosting space. You don't need to have Softaculous Premium included with your web hosting plan, to install the scripts above, as they are all open source scripts, and are free for anyone to install. Softaculous Premium just makes installation of these scripts easier and faster.

  • The beauty of Softaculous Premium, is that it allows people to install and try out Open Source software, by automatically installing it in Fantasico with just a few clicks. Essentially it makes the installation faster. However due to the complexity of some open source software and it being constantly modified, and the configuration of the software to different configurations of server, bugs can occur during the installation process. Therefore we recommend that clients only use Fantasico installed software, to try it out, and to see if the software meets your requirements. We don't recommend clients use a Fantasico installed application for production websites, although in many cases it may be fine. For production websites, we would recommend that you manually download the software from the developers website, and install it manually using FTP. The developers of the software should have easy to follow instructions showing how to do this.
  • We don't provide any technical support for applications installed within Softaculous Premium or cPanel, as they are all 3rd party open source applications. Nor do we guarantee that they will be bug free or will install correctly via Softaculous Premium. Support for software within Softaculous Premium can be found at the respective developers website's. If software fails to install correctly, and you want to use the software, please visit the respective developers website to install the software manually via FTP.
  • If you plan to use any Softaculous Premium software on your website, you are required to make regular backups of your website. This is so that you have always got a backup copy of the data that you have stored on the server.
  • The software choice within Softaculous Premium may be altered at anytime. This means that new software could be added, or old software could be removed from Softaculous Premium at anytime. Old software is usually only removed if it is found to create a security risk for the server. Removal of software from Softaculous Premium will only affect the auto installation of the software, and won't affect the software on your website if you have previously installed it from Softaculous Premium into your hosting space. However if you have outdated or unpatched software that you have installed in your hosting space, that may create a security risk for the server, you are required to update it.

  • Being open source, the software in Softaculous Premium is being continuous updated, to more current versions of the scripts. New software is also being added to Softaculous Premium all the time. Softaculous Premium however won't update any software installations that you have already made through it, and you will need to do this manually by reinstalling or updating your installation of the software through Softaculous Premium, or by going to the developers website and downloading a patch or most recent version of the software. If you use software that is installed by Softaculous Premium, you must check the developers website regularly to make sure that you aren't using outdated or vulnerable installations of the software. If you are, you will need to update the software. Using out-of-date software on our servers opens up security issues, which could affect the performance of the servers, and could result in your account being suspended until the issue has been fixed.
    We recommend that if you install any software in Softaculous Premium, that you visit the developers website/s and join any mailing lists that they offer, so you can keep informed of any new releases or patches for the software.


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